Careers in Homeland Security for Grades 9-12

This program was designed as an educational outreach initiative aimed at informing the public of the broad range of disciplines the Department Homeland Security is affiliated with through its varied programs, services, research, and technology. It was developed to enhance existing Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness academic programs by focusing on implementing homeland security subjects in high school curriculums statewide.

It supports the National Homeland Security priorities by strengthening planning and citizen preparedness capabilities. This initiative will challenge all participants, to include students, teachers and parents with increasing citizen engagement in community preparedness and in improving ways for measuring progress in both personal and community preparedness. By focusing on high school students, this program will instill an interest and awareness of issues concerning security, emergency preparedness, and public safety. The areas of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness are growing career fields, and by developing these lessons, we hope to make students aware of this field as a career option. It builds upon current academic endeavors by developing a comprehensive resource for students and teachers in high school (Grades 9-12).

The following documents were prepared by Ball State University, under a contract with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.   The Contractor retains oversight responsibility for the content of the documents, for compliance with copyright law and for ensuring that any other published work relied upon to produce these documents have been properly recognized by the use of quotations and by including appropriate footnotes or citations.


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