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Application for Industrialized Buildings / Mobile Structures

1.  If ready to apply online please have the following information ready:

  • Information about the manufacturer of the facility.
  • Information about location of the facility.
  • Manufacturer / Facility Contact Information.
  • You will need to upload an electronic copy of the floor plan(s) for the Code Design Release, so please ensure this information is available before you start the application process.

2. Other important information when filing the online application:

  • Keep all the information at hand when filing. If the web application times out you will have to re-type all the information.
  • If you have questions regarding the Online Application for Industrialized Buildings / Mobile Structures, please contact Carolyn Kemp
  • You will have to pay instant access and credit card fees apart from the normal fees to use this service.
  • If you experience technical difficulties using the application contact DfbsDatabase@dhs.in.gov for assistance.

Online application for Industrialized Buildings / Mobile Structures