Training & Registration Information

Interested volunteers need to contact  the office of the State Building Commissioner to request an application to register.  All applicants will be pre-screened by the I-BEAM Advisory Board to determine if they meet the volunteer qualifications to participate in the I-BEAM Program. Upon approval, the applicant will be contacted by IDHS to register for the required  ATC-20 and ATC-45 training courses, offered at no cost, that best corresponds to their schedule and location.

The one-day course features the Applied Technology Council (ATC)-20 training, which provides procedures and guidelines for making on-the-spot evaluations and decisions regarding continued use and occupancy of post disaster damaged buildings. Presented specifically for volunteer structural engineers, building inspectors, and other qualified personnel, the training includes rapid and detailed evaluation procedures for inspecting buildings and posting them as "inspected" (apparently safe), "limited entry" or "unsafe". Also included are special procedures for evaluation of essential buildings (e.g., hospitals), and evaluation procedures for nonstructural elements, and geotechnical hazards.

ATC-45 Safety Evaluation of Buildings after Windstorms and Floods is an essential tool for building safety professionals and volunteers responsible for evaluating wind and flood-damaged buildings. It is patterned after the widely-used standard for post-earthquake safety evaluation of buildings (ATC-20).

After completion of the training and application process, the approved volunteer’s contact information will be entered into a database as a registered IDHS volunteer and considered to be available for deployment following a disaster. IDHS recommends that once the volunteer is registered, they provide their current employer with a Volunteer Notification to Employer letter, provided by the State Building Commissioner upon request.

A Certificate of Completion will be provided to the participant upon completion of the course. The course registration, instruction and educational material will be offered to the registrant at no cost.  Participants who reside 75 miles or more from the training location are entitled to lodging the night before a course. If you have questions regarding eligibility for lodging, please contact the Emergency Management Training Registration Secretary.

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