Mobile Command Center

The IDHS Mobile Command Center (MCC) took up residency at Stout Field in Indianapolis in May of 2008.  The gleaming navy-blue MCC houses numerous state-of-the-art capabilities and stands ready to respond to events throughout the state.

MCC at a Glance - 53 feet long - Expandable to 15 feet wide - Operates on a 80 kilowatt generator or stationary power  - 42-inch smart board/flat screen capable of working with GIS system or serving as a large screen display for operational information - 42-inch flat screen for video teleconferencing  - 52-foot telescoping mast with 360-degree tilt/pan/zoom camera capable of supporting additional antennas, if required - Wireless weather station to provide constant weather updates - Accommodates a standard crew of 12 with capability of expanding to a crew of 21 - MCC crew consists of IDHS staff and all major response agencies and support personnel - 21 workstations each with a designated lap-top supported by two servers - GIS workstation with large-scale plotter to provide mapping and other essential services.

Communications capabilities include: Satellite system for data and telephones,  Intergraded telephone system to provide cell, satellite or hard line capabilities, Nine radio workstations to provide each response agency with their own talk groups and mutual aid integrated into each station - A system to enable interoperability and additional capability for amateur radio operations.

IDHS officially unveiled the MCC in June, 2008.  During late summer and into the fall, staff from IDHS’ Division of Emergency Response and Recovery traveled to each of the state’s ten homeland security districts to display the MCC.  During the visits, IDHS discussed with local responders the center’s capabilities and how it will benefit response efforts at the local level.