Mortgage Lending Licensure

Mortgage Loan Originators

Final SAFE Ruling by HUD - June, 2011 
FDIC - Final Rules to Implement SAFE ACT
Federal Register - FFIEC Final SAFE Act for Depository Insttutions - July 28, 2010

Mortgage Lending

A Mortgage Lending license must be obtained from this Department before a lender makes more than five First Lien Mortgage Loans (See IC 24-4.4) or more than five Subordinate Lien Mortgage Loans (See IC 24-4.5). This applies to a lender closing the transactions in their own name with their own funds and/or line of credit.

Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System

NMLS - Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System - On line system

NMLS - Consumer Access - Natiowide Mortgage Licensing System - On line system for Consumers

 NLMS Press Release - Indiana DFI Announces its participation in the National Mortgage Licensing System`