Is Leasing Right For You?

Answer each of the questions below, then tally the total points to learn whether leasing is a good or poor option for your next auto transaction.

Questions Points Your Points
1. I expect to hold onto the car:
3 years or less 1 Point
Between 3 & 4 years 2 Points
For as long as it lasts 3 Points
2. The condition in which I keep my car is:
Mint: it looks good as new 1 Point
It has a few minor dents, scratches and interior stains 2 Points
It has that "lived-in" look 3 Points
3. Within a year, I typically drive my car:
12,000 miles or less 1 Point
12,000 to 15,000 miles 2 Points
Over 15,000 miles 3 Points
4. I frequently use the car to do the following:
To commute more than 20 miles each way to work. Give yourself 1 point
for each that applies
To transport small children or pets.
To take trips on gravel-surface or dirt roads.
To haul heavy cargo.
5. To get this car, I am willing to put down:
20 percent or more of the purchase price. 3 Point
Some money, but less than 20 percent. 2 Points
Nothing at all. 1 Point

If Your Total Score Is:

4 to 7 Points
You're a good lease candidate.

8 to 10 Points
Leasing and buying are both reasonable options.

11 to 16 Points
Buying is a better choice.

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