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The Indiana Council for Economic Education has been training K-12 teachers in economic education and financial literacy for 50 years. You can access their website at to see some of what they have available.

Note: the links on this page go to web sites outside of this agency's control. These links are provided as a convenience only. The Department takes no responsibility for their content.

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Personal Finance - College

Personal Finance

  • Bonehead Finance Site
  • The Finance Center General introduction to personal finance includes Budget / Plan: basics, guidelines; Example Budget, Retirement Planning; Investment: best categories, risk/reward, asset allocation, Mutual Funds; Reference: books, files for download, financial links, and periodicals; and Glossary: definitions of selected financial terms and securities.
  • Investor Protection Trust Features a fine collection of loan resources and provides calculation programs (eg "what will it take for you to become a millionaire?"), daily rate quotes, and advisory reports. Includes areas for car, home, and credit cards and answers lots of standard questions.
  • National Financial Services Personal Finance Dedicated to non-commercial investor education. Many "how to" pages, section for young people.
  • Investment Glossary National Financial Services Network Personal Finance has information about loans (home, car, education), consumer credit, insurance, securities, savings accounts, electronic banking, and personal Finance Software. Also searches for best rates by state.
  • US Securities and Exchange Large and very comprehensive glossary of investor words.
  • Yahoo Finance and Investment What Every Investor Should Know (from the US Securites and Exchange Commission).
  • Small Business Entrepreneurs Yahoo Finance and Investment References and Guides.

The purpose of this web site is to provide would-be and start-up entrepreneurs with some handy tools and resources to make the task of planning and starting a small business easier. This site has also been designed for the purpose of promoting small business information and planning electronic guidebook.