The Fringe Benefits of State Government Employment with the Department of Financial Institutions


State employees have many health insurance programs from which to choose, as well as dental, vision, and life insurance coverage, available at reasonable cost to the employee.

Retirement Plan

Department of Financial Institutions employees are required to participate in the Public Employee’s Retirement Fund (“PERF”). PERF is funded by the State without any employee contribution.

Deferred Compensation Plan

This optional tax-deferred retirement savings plan with a partial match enables State employees to provide greater retirement security.

Tuition Reimbursement

The Department’s professional enrichment program provides reimbursement of tuition, books, and fees for work-related courses and degrees.

Alternative Work Schedule

Depository Division Field Staff employees will have the option of working the "Alternative Work Schedule" which will allow extended hours of work nine days out of the ten day pay period and will accommodate taking every other Friday off.


State employees earn twelve vacation days a year at the rate of one day per month. Bonus vacation days are awarded to employees with five years or more continuous service. Many long-term employees enjoy one month of vacation each year.

Sick Leave

State employees earn nine sick days per year at the rate of one day every two months, plus one bonus day every four months.

Personal Days

State employees earn three personal days a year at the rate of one day every four months.


There are twelve paid holidays each year plus any general or primary election days.

Other Leaves

Leaves of absence may be granted for military, special job-related training or education, jury duty, maternity leave, and family medical leave.