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Children are our future and as a community we have a responsibility to help each child reach their full potential.

For more information about these prevention programs and resources, contact a DCS representative at DCSPreventionquestions@dcs.in.gov.

DCS Prevention Programs

Other Prevention Resources

  • Supportive Communities, Resilient Families, Thriving Children - Indiana’s Framework for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect.

    The framework provides a road map for the state and local communities to better support, empower, and protect families. It is centered on primary prevention efforts, or services and interventions available to the general population, to prevent child maltreatment before it happens. Download the framework and toolkit here.

    Toolkit image 2 Toolkit Image 1

  • Kid's First Trust Fund (KFTF)

    The mission of the Kids First Trust Fund is to promote the health of children and reduce infant mortality by funding programs which prevent child abuse and neglect.

  • Prevent Child Abuse Indiana

    Prevent Child Abuse Indiana is dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect, and is committed to making Indiana a better, safer place for Indiana’s most precious resources – our children.

  • Children’s Mental Health Initiative allows families access to needed services so that children do not enter the child welfare or probation system for the sole purpose of accessing mental health assistance.

  • Safe Sleep Locations 2016
    The Indiana State Department of Health, in collaboration with DCS, has established partnerships with agencies in the State of Indiana to provide safe sleep education and Infant Survival Kits. (on infant portable crib, fitted sheet with safe sleep message imprinted on it, wearable blanket, pacifier, and safe sleep recommendations) for families who do not have safe places for their infants to sleep. As part of the program, a number of educational materials that will help caregivers learn more about safe sleep are provided. Click here for locations.

  • Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence Resources



Hannah Robinson
Prevention Manager
302 W Washington St, Ste E306 MS 47
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Barbara Gainer
Prevention Program Coordinator
302 W Washington St, Ste E306 MS 47
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Spencer Ryan
Prevention Program Coordinator
302 W Washington St, Ste E306 MS 47
Indianapolis, IN 46204