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Local Law Enforcement Agency Name Based Arrest Record Search

This additional check is a requirement when a criminal and/or CPS waiver is required and should be submitted as part of the waiver packet to Central Office Background Check Unit (COBCU).

Name Based Arrest Records
This is a name based check done with the police department or sheriff office that would respond to the subject of the checks current home address or any previous home address in which the subject of the check has resided in the past five years. The law enforcement agency to complete the check would be the agency that would respond to a 911 call from the subject’s home addresses.

Since all applicants must complete and sign a copy of The Application for Criminal History Background Check SF 53259 as part of the background check process and the original retained in the case or personnel files, a copy of this form may be used as a tool to resubmit the request to the police or sheriff department to obtain the arrest history search.  The bottom section of this form would be completed by the police or sheriff department and returned to the requestor.  It is not mandatory to use this form for name based arrest searches.

Application for Criminal History Background Check form SF 53259/CW 3610   PDF Word


For checks for those living or have lived within Marion County (Indianapolis) within the past five years, click on the below link for information on completing these searches. 

Indianapolis Marion County Local Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) Checks