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How to begin the Adoption Process

Adopting a child from foster care is a process. In order to become a potential adoptive family, you will need to complete the preparation requirements including training, background checks, a home study, and more.  Prospective adoptive parents who want to adopt children through the Indiana Adoption Program must complete the Resource & Adoptive Parent Training (RAPT) sessions I-IV. Your adoption or licensing worker will assist you with registering.

Once you have completed the preparation process, you may be considered as a potential pre-adoptive placement for waiting children.  Families are selected for consideration based on characteristics that indicate they may be a good match for the waiting child and able to best meet that child’s individual needs. Indiana has regional representatives, also known as Adoption Specialists, who serve as liaisons throughout the adoption process. For more information or to initiate the preparation process, contact information for the Adoption Specialist in your region can be found here or call 1-888-25-ADOPT.

Adoption can take time and is dependent on many variables. Most adoptive parents can meet all state requirements in six to 12 months. When you have completed the preparation process and have a current home study, your home study must have a recommendation from the Indiana Adoption Program before you can be considered as a potential placement for a child. Once a family is identified for a child, a transition period begins based on the child's need to make a stable and lasting connection. The final decision to place a child in an adoptive home always rests with the court.

(Note: If you are not an Indiana resident, you must complete your state's preparation process. For more information, contact a child welfare or child placing agency in your state.)  


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