Indiana Child Protection Service History Checks


Child Abuse/Neglect Checks/Child Protection Service (CPS) checks for current and past Indiana residents

All abuse/neglect checks must be submitted on the Indiana form per the instructions provided through a link on this page.  Please print off the form, complete and submit per the instructions supplied in the link.

Link to form Indiana Request for a Child Protection Services (CPS) History Check SF 52802

Instructions for the completion/submission of Indiana Request for a Child Protection Services (CPS) History Check, State Form 52802 (R6 / 8-15) / CW 2128

Local DCS office’s contact information

Any CPS Check that requires information on an applicant who resided in Indiana prior to 1998 must be sent to the local DCS Local Office in the county or counties that the applicant resided in during that time period.  Any local DCS office can also complete a Statewide CPS checks for dates 1998 to through current.  Statewide CPS check requests can also be sent to the Central Office Background Check Unit (COBCU) for periods after 1998.  CPS check requests can be sent to the DCS local office where applicant lives or works or the DCS central office.

Please make sure you have filled out the form completely to ensure it can be processed. Incomplete or incorrectly completed forms will be returned unprocessed.  There is no cost for this search.  All forms require a valid signature of release.