Most Wanted Child Support Evaders

Individuals appearing on this list were submitted by the local county prosecutor's office handling the case. Click on the photo to see detailed information about the non-custodial parent.


Rickey L. Viles Sr.
Money Owed: $55,201.59

Noreen D. Recinos
Money Owed: $78,028.59

William Daniel Meek 

William Daniel Meek
Money Owed: $83,657.00

Aaron Justin Wheeler 

Aaron Wheeler
Money Owed: $52,351.07

Joseph York

Joseph York
Money Owed: $23,727.10

Steven Lindssey

Steven Lindsey
Money Owed: $21,160.00


Christi Tweedy

Christi J. Tweedy
Money Owed: $7,134.70

Michael Palm

Michael Robert Palm
Money Owed: $50,432.02

Marvin K. Bailey, Sr.

Marvin K. Bailey  
Money Owed: $37,608.37

Douglas Benitez

Douglas Benitez
Money Owed: $62,080.00



2018 (to date): 5 Evaders Found.
2017: 4 Evaders Found.
2016: 7 Evaders Found.

2015: 8 Evaders Found. 
2014: 5 Evaders Found.
2013: 11 Evaders Found.