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Attachment Issues in Children

Providing a foster or adoptive home for children and youth can be an exciting and rewarding experience!  It is critical for caregivers to understand these youth have been removed not only from their families of origin, but may have also had multiple caregivers.  For many children, this may result in difficulty or an inability to form healthy attachments and relationships with adults and peers.  Informed therapeutic intervention is often necessary to help children process and overcome their attachment issues.

Caring for youth with attachment issues can be challenging for parents and families.  It is important for families to educate themselves and understand why their child thinks, feels, and acts the way they do.  Effective intervention will not only educate the family, but will also teach families how to do bonding and attaching activities, understand the importance of control, structure and consistency, and emotional regulation.  The Children’s Bureau, in collaboration with the Department of Child Services, offers a roster of clinicians who have completed a training and certification process to enhance their skills to work with families of youth with attachment issues. 

Mental Health Centers Training Attendee List by County

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