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Post Adoption Services

Post-adoption services can be very helpful to many adoptive families. To initiate a referral for services, families must contact the Adoption Liaisons in the region where they live. The Adoption Specialist will complete a referral to the service provider so that the family may receive an assessment and create a service delivery plan. For contact information, please visit: http://www.in.gov/dcs/2747.htm or call 1-888-25-ADOPT.

Taking a child into your home, caring for that child and making the decision to make them a part of your family through adoption is a very challenging and significant process. It requires individuals and families to make a lifetime commitment to another human being thus making them a permanent member of the family. Often, when a child is adopted, they may have some identified needs. Sometimes however, there are unidentified and unknown needs that may come to light after a child is adopted that may require specialized skills and services to adequately address. Many children have difficulty bonding and trusting others even when they are in a safe environment. Even in a healthy home, adjusting can be a difficult and continuing process. Often when families reach out for help, they are in crisis and in need of understanding and support to help them re-stabilize the family.

Services to adoptive families will begin with a comprehensive assessment to identify the strengths and needs of the child and family. Staff would then work with the family to convene a team of people that might include supportive family members and/or friends, and service providers within the community and informal supports to form a collaborative plan of care with clearly defined goals. Efforts will be made to locate and deliver strength-based, family centered services that are culturally competent while maintaining ongoing dialogue and family participation to assure consistency and progress towards service goals, making adjustments as necessary.

Based on the family’s assessment and individual needs, the services provided may include behavioral health care services, respite, support groups, and other services as identified.

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