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In the Picture Book, you will see many different faces of youth. Their introductions only tell a partial story. Their biography is not complete in order to protect the child's privacy and sense of well being.

Click on the picture to the left to download the November/December 2019 issue of the Picture Book. Downloading the book may take a few minutes, but it is worth the wait!

Once you have completed the adoption process and have received a recommendation from the Special Needs Adoption Program (SNAP), then you may be provided more detailed information about a child. If you are just beginning that process or have not yet begun, a child you see here may be living with a new family before you complete the process. You will see an ID number at the bottom of each child's introduction. Please refer to this number when making an inquiry about a child.

Children who have experienced foster care all have one thing in common: they have had to leave their home. And by that very fact alone, their need for healing, stability, and nurturing requires attention. Children who have had to endure neglect, abuse, or trauma can face many challenges. To learn more about common challenges of children with special needs, click here.

(Note: The Picture Book is updated every other month. Please visit Indiana's Waiting Children for the most current listing of children.)

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