2006-2008 Funding Allocations

  • Community Partners for Child Safety (CPCS)** - Two worksheets for allocations

  • Foster/Adoption/Kinship Training - One worksheet

  • CHAFEE - IL - One worksheet

  • SSBG/IV-B II - Two worksheets for allocations


  • * Separate proposals for each of the categories. More than one service within a category can be done with one proposal.
  • ** CPCS: It is anticipated that local offices will have local office funding available to add to the time period 1-1-08 to 12-31-08 from their Child Welfare Account.
  • Allocations are rounded which may cause the addition of more than one figure to be off slightly
  • The funding is a projection of anticipated appropriations from Federal and State funds. If the appropriations are less than anticipated, adjustments in the contracts may be necessary.