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Cybersecurity is in EVERY aspect of our lives. Whether you are paying bills online, working, or communicating with friends and family through social media, every Hoosier adult, child, and business is at risk for a cyber attack. The State of Indiana cannot do this alone. It needs EVERY Hoosier to be aware of the potential cyber threats and what each of you can do to protect not only yourself but also your children, employees, and business. This website is intended to be a central hub of information for Hoosiers to find resources and more information about how to stay informed and safe. Click one of the above buttons to get started, or check out our News & Notes for the latest tips and trends for being cyber safe!


Check here for the latest news and updates involving the cyber world, including:

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Tips on Staying Safe on Social Networking Sites (

Cyberbullying impacts adults, as well as teens and children. Here's some helpful tips.

Too Much "Junk Mail"? Reducing Spam eliminates cyber scams. Here's how!


Did You Know?

Every year, cybercriminals steal $40 billion from older adults. Here's what you need to know to be cybersafe - Top 5 Cybercrimes Affecting Older Adults.

Kids and Social Media: Online Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know.

Important information for defending against COVID-19 cyber scams:











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