General Public & Parents

Millions of Hoosiers use some form of electronic device to either pay bills, conduct business, email, file taxes, shop online or perform other tasks. Below are important resources to help protect your information and identity.

Protecting you and your family

Children can be victims of cyber crime and identity theft. Children whose identities have been stolen may not find out until they apply for a student loan or credit card and learn that a thief has been using their identities for years.

Parents or guardians of children should pay extra attention to safeguard their children’s information. Here are some ways to protect your child’s information:

  • Check your child’s credit report annually. This can be done by contacting the credit reporting companies and providing proof of your identity and other documents.
  • Never carry your child’s Social Security cards with you.

Before you share your child’s SSN or other personal information, ask why it’s needed and how it will be protected.

Key Resources for Parents:

FBI – A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety
Protecting Kids Online
Dealing with Cyberbullies
Cyber Security Awareness Volunteer Education (C-SAVE) Program

General Cybersecurity Information

Identity theft protection 
Dark Reading 
The Hacker News 
Naked Security (SOPHOS) 
Threatpost (Kaspersky)
Security Matters


Training Resources

MS-ISAC webcasts 
NetSmartz Workshops for Parents and Kids


FireEye - Threat Research
FireEye - Executive Perspective 
Schneier on Security


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