Car Security Safety

Car Security Safety: What to look out for & Why

Car systems are becoming more advanced as technology innovations occur. Two hackers (Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek) performed reverse engineering tests on several different vehicles to show how possible it would be to hack certain models and years of cars. The cyber threat involved with the advancements in the automobile industry will prove to be more significant in the coming years. Check out the full paper featuring their research at


  • Most Hackable:
    • 2014 Jeep Cherokee
    • 2015 Cadillac Escalade
    • 2014 Infiniti Q50
  • Least Hackable:
    • 2014 Dodge Viper
    • 2014 Audi A8
    • 2014 Honda Accord


Figure 1: Miller and Valasek’s findings represented in a single chart. A plus sign represents “more hackable,” a minus sign “less hackable.” Credit: Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek

Car 2

Figure 2: Anatomy of an auto hack; with just a laptop connected to its diagnostics port, Valasek and Miller turned an innocent Prius into the world's worst amusement park ride. Here's what they could do