Mission & Vision

The mission of the IN-ISAC is:

  1. To reduce the risk of cyber threats to the State of Indiana,
  2. To reduce the overall cost of cybersecurity for all state agencies by centralizing resources and providing a mechanism for leveraging large-scale purchases.
  3. To provide centralized services with highly specialized and skilled resources.
  4. To develop a cybersecurity ecosystem through public-private partnerships involving Purdue University, Indiana University, the State of Indiana, the leading technology companies and other strategic private sector partners.

With the rise of cyber threats to Indiana, a proactive approach was needed. From that need, the IN-ISAC was created. The IN-ISAC is a multi-agency effort led and coordinated by the Indiana Office of Technology.

Vision statement

Our vision for the IN-ISAC is to be a trusted hub for information-sharing and analysis on cybersecurity issues in the State of Indiana. This will be done by implementing a comprehensive plan and by promoting an environment in which the general public, private industry, local and state government can work together to address those cybersecurity issues specific to the State of Indiana.