Tips for Preventing Identity Theft

Identity theft has become more and more pervasive. There are some basic guidelines you can follow to help protect your identity. The following information was cited from

  1. Strengthen passwords
    • Use at least 8 characters, alpha numeric, symbols, and upper/lower case
  2. Handle Personal Identifying Information with care
    • Don’t give out Personal Identifying Information unless absolutely necessary
    • Before providing this information, knowhow it will be used and if it will be shared
  3. Read credit reports annually if not more often
    • Go to free credit reporting sites annually or more often
  4. Empty your purse/wallet of nonessentials
    • Don’t carry any more than is needed and never carry your Social Security card unless it is absolutely necessary
  5. Shred documents with personal information
  6. More information on preventing identity theft can be found on the website above. These tips include online shopping, travel tips, credit cards vs. debit cards, smartphone safety, and more.
  7. Each bank provides specific information for their account holders. Here are links to some of the major banks and their id theft/fraud prevention pages.