Why exercise for cyber?

The connectivity of the Internet today challenges many of the ways people, organizations and the government traditionally manage an emergency. New threats emerge just as quickly as vulnerabilities are exposed, and unlike an ice storm or hurricane, it is impossible to predict where a cyber incident will occur. Response is equally challenged, as it can be difficult and time consuming to determine whether an attack or malfunction occurred, or how to fix the damage. Meanwhile, one cyber incident can cascade across organizations, sectors, and states, making coordination between the public and private sectors critical.

With all these challenges in mind, the last place you want to meet your emergency response partners is at the scene of an emergency. Knowing who your critical partners are in planning and response is just as important as knowing your networks and systems. The inclusive nature of planning and holding these exercises facilitates relationship building between interconnected sectors, organizations and stakeholders, and enables stakeholders to develop cyber emergency management plans that align with the needs of their partners. By working today to collaborate on high-risk cyber issues, organizations across Indiana can quickly improve their ability to confront the threats of tomorrow.