What to expect from participation

HSEEP exercises are conducted in a no-fault, low-stress environment that encourages collaboration among participants. Ideally, participants should plan to be involved in each one of the 2016-2017 exercises. This will allow them to gradually build their cyber knowledge and risk management capabilities. In addition, ongoing planning efforts with participants from other sectors will build understanding of cascading effects, interdependencies, and external resources that may have been underutilized.

CICS exercises are managed by a team of controllers and evaluators who ensure that conversation and activities stay on track. They are trained to take notes on capabilities as they relate to cyber planning and response, and then report those findings in post-exercise After Action Reports (AARs). AARs are for use by the participants alone and are not shared outside the CICS team. Discretion and privacy is important to the CICS designers, and every effort is made to ensure that participants feel comfortable discussing their plans and protocols. A non-disclosure agreement is required before participating in the tabletop exercise (TTX) and the operational exercise.