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The Marion County Judicial Selection Committee in the process of selecting two new superior court judges. Judge Sheila A. Carlisle (Court 29, Major Felony, Criminal Division) and Judge Steven R. Eichholtz (Court 8, Probate Division) will both retire effective December 31, 2022, creating vacancies on the Marion Superior Court.

Following local court rules, the Marion Superior Court Executive Committee offers any sitting judge the opportunity to transfer courts when a vacancy arises. After the Governor appoints the new judges for these vacancies, the Executive Committee intends to determine which division each judge will be assigned to.

Marion County judicial applicant interviews January 30-31
(January 20, 2023)


(December 30, 2022)

The following 26 individuals applied to fill the vacancies:

  • Honorable Ross F. Anderson
  • Gregory P. Bowes
  • James R. Browne, Jr.
  • Stephen R. Creason
  • Honorable Eleanor K. Finnell
  • Honorable Sarah F. Glasser
  • Honorable Garland E. Graves
  • Honorable David M. Hooper
  • Honorable Melanie L. Kendrick
  • Honorable Marie L. Kern
  • Linda A. Major
  • Charles F. Miller
  • John A. Molloy III
  • Jason L. Morris
  • Honorable Jason G. Reyome
  • Jacob T. Rigney
  • Honorable Joel A. Schneider
  • Honorable Travis E. Shields
  • Honorable James K. Snyder
  • Honorable Ian L. Stewart
  • Honorable Matthew E. Symons
  • Daniel F. Thomas
  • Daniel S. Tomson
  • Honorable Tiffany U. Vivo
  • Nathanial D. Walter
  • Amanda R. Wishin

Applications available for second vacancy on Marion Superior Court
(November 18, 2022)

Applications available for judicial position in Marion County
(October 28, 2022 press release)

Application & Instructions for Judicial Vacancy
(October 28, 2022)


David Kuhnz, Staff Attorney
Indiana Office of Communication, Education & Outreach