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Report on the Marion County Small Claims Courts

In January 2012, the Indiana Supreme Court created the Marion County Small Claims Courts Task Force to investigate whether litigants in those courts are denied access to justice that is provided to small claims litigants in Indiana's other 91 counties and whether the township trustees exert control over the courts' financial and personnel matters in a manner that threatens judicial independence.

The documents below outline the results of the Task Force's investigation: findings of fact describing serious problems in the management and procedures of the Marion County Small Claims Courts and recommendations to remedy these problems.

More Information

October 12, 2012. In partnership with the Indiana Bar Foundation, the Indiana Supreme Court and the Marion County Circuit Court have produced a set of videos designed to inform litigants of their rights and responsibilities in small claims court proceedings.  A statewide version and a version specific to Marion County small claims are both available at courts.in.gov/video/info/small-claims/.