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Proposed Rule Amendments: September 2020

To the Bench, Bar and Public:

The Indiana Supreme Court seeks public comment on the following proposed amendments to the Indiana Rules of Court.

Access to Court Records Rule 5

The proposed amendments to Access to Court Records Rule 5 would exclude sexually explicit evidence from public access under new sections 5(B)(11) and (12) and temporarily exclude arrest warrants from public access in 5(E)

Proposed changes to Access to Court Records Rule 5

Trial Rule 81.1

The proposed amendment to Trial Rule 81.1 would require courts to consolidate juvenile paternity cases for multiple children of the same parents.

Proposed changes to Trial Rule 81.1

Trial Rule 86

The proposed amendments to Trial Rule 86 would parse the rule into three separate rules:

  • TR 86 with general provisions that all e-filing users need to review including definitions and a clarification of service rules
  • TR 87 which contains specific provisions for filers such as commencement of an action; data and format requirements, special procedures for probate and guardianship filing, and a new provision requiring users comply with all e-filing procedures prescribed by the Indiana Office of Judicial Administration
  • TR 88 with specific procedures for court and clerk staff such as when the clerk may reject an e-filed document and handling non-conforming documents

Proposed changes to Trial Rule 86


The Court invited public comment on the proposed amendments until noon on Thursday, October 29, 2020 and the comment period is now closed.