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Proposed Rule Amendments: March 2021

To the Bench, Bar, and Public:

The Indiana Supreme Court seeks public comment on the following proposed amendments to the Indiana Rules of Court.

Rules for Alternative Dispute Resolution

The proposed amendments to the Rules for Alternative Dispute Resolution would make numerous changes to the scope of the rules, recognized alternative dispute methods, mediation procedure, and non-binding arbitration.

Proposed changes to ADR Rules

Rules of Appellate Procedure

The proposed new rule would expedite appeals from mental health commitments.

Proposed changes to Appellate Rules

Rules for Small Claims

The proposed amendments to the Rules for Small Claims would allow sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, trusts, LLC’s, and LLP’s to appear by a designated employee in any small claims case.

Proposed changes to Small Claims Rules

Rules of Trial Procedure

The proposed amendments to Trial Rules 53.3 and 59 would delete outdated references to “personal service on judge." The proposed amendment to Trial Rule 63 would enable a successor judge to conduct all hearings and make decisions in pending cases.  The proposed amendment to Trial Rule 84 would delete an outdated provision.

Proposed changes to Trial Rules


The Court invites public comment on the proposed amendments until Friday, April 23, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. (Eastern).

Submit comments online

or by mail to:

Indiana Office of Court Services
c/o Rules Committee
251 N. Illinois St., Ste. 800
Indianapolis, IN 46204