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Proposed Rule Amendments: January 2020

To the Bench, Bar and Public:

The Indiana Supreme Court seeks public comment on the following proposed amendments to the Indiana Rules of Court.

Administrative Rules

The proposed amendments to Administrative Rule 14 would provide more discretion to judges to conduct certain court proceedings by telephone or other technology, remove statutory references, and delete Section C.

Proposed changes to Administrative Rule 14

Alternative Dispute Resolution Rules

The proposed amendments to Alternative Dispute Resolution Rule 8.3 would make insurance policy terms discoverable in pre-suit mediation.

Proposed changes to ADR Rule 8.3

Appellate Rules

The proposed amendment(s) to:

  • Rule 11 makes clear that the Appellate Clerk does not serve motions to compel on behalf of parties
  • Rule 22 includes citation forms for the Indiana Access to Court Records Rules
  • Rule 29(A) requires documentary exhibits to be tendered to the Appellate Clerk in an electronic format, either through e-filing or on a jump drive/DVD
  • Rules 29(B) & (C) will allow the Appellate Clerk to return audio/video recordings and nondocumentary exhibits to the trial court without a court order
  • Rules 43(C) and 51(A) make it clear that the Court will accept hyperlinks in documents.
  • Rule 49(C) will require that all volumes of an appendix be retendered after a defect, even if the defect is isolated in one volume
  • Appendix A of the Appellate Rules clarifies the implication that each transcript volume be less than 250 pages only when there are no additional volumes or when the 250-page volume goes over the 50 MB limit
  • Appendix B of the Appellate Rules will help ensure that attorneys are taking the proper steps to ensure their clients' confidentiality
Proposed changes to Appellate Rules

Jury Rules

The proposed amendment to Jury Rule 10 would protect sensitive or private information shared by a juror during an in camera or side bar interview with the court.

Proposed changes to Jury Rule 10

Rules of Trial Procedure

The proposed amendment to Trial Rule 53.1 would allow a party to request to remain anonymous and makes the Office of Judicial Administration the reviewer of a request for action. The proposed amendment to Trial Rule 64 would provide that a writ of attachment expires 180 days after issue.

Proposed changes to Trial Rule 53.1
Proposed changes to Trial Rule 64


The Court invited public comment on the proposed amendments until Monday, March 2, 2020. The comment period is now closed.