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Proposed Rule Amendments: January 2022

To the Bench, Bar, and Public:

The Indiana Supreme Court seeks public comment on the following proposed amendments to the Rules of Trial Procedure and Rules of Professional Conduct.

Professional Conduct Rule 1.15

The proposed amendment to Professional Conduct Rule 1.15 would add a mechanism to address situations where an attorney, law firm, or estate of a deceased attorney (1) winds up in possession of client or third-party funds and the client or third-party cannot be located, despite diligent efforts to locate the rightful owner; or (2) is in possession of funds in a client trust account that cannot be traced back to a particular client.

Proposed changes to Professional Conduct Rules

Trial Rule 23

The proposed amendment to Trial Rule 23 would increase the amount of residual class action funds disbursed to the Indiana Bar Foundation for civil legal assistance purposes.

Proposed changes to Trial Procedure Rules


The Court invited public comment on the proposed amendments until March 1, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. (Eastern), and the comment period is now closed.