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Proposed Changes to Parenting Time Guidelines (2021)

To the Bench, Bar, and Public:

The Domestic Relations Committee of the Judicial Conference of Indiana seeks comments on proposed changes to Indiana’s Parenting Time Guidelines. The guidelines are used by courts, parents, and mediators as a model to aid in scheduling frequent, meaningful, and continuing contact with each parent.

The most substantial change is a new section on Shared Parenting and the principles of how to put it into practice. The proposed changes also include:

  • Parenting time during a public health emergency
  • Reducing potential for third-party conflict when children are dropped off/picked up between homes
  • Uniformity of pick-up and drop-off times on holidays and birthdays
  • Transportation to and from extracurricular activities
  • Text messaging as a common type of communication
  • Immunity of parenting coordinators
  • Removal of the section on parallel parenting

Proposed changes to Parenting Time Guidelines


The Court invited public comment on the proposed amendments until Friday, May 14, 2021.