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The Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications is a forum for citizens' complaints against judges and provides the means by which standards of judicial conduct are enforced. Its challenge is to assist the judiciary in maintaining a balance between independence and accountability.


Notice of Executive Session
June 8, 2022


Attorney vacancy on the Judicial Nominating Commission (Second District)
Attorneys in the second geographic district are eligible to run for a term beginning Jan. 1, 2023

Vacancy on the Court of Appeals of Indiana (Second District)
Judge Derek Molter will join the Supreme Court in 2022, leaving a vacancy on the Court of Appeals.

Vacancy on the Court of Appeals of Indiana (First District)
Judge Edward Najam, Jr., will retire in summer 2022.

Vacancy on the Indiana Supreme Court
Justice Steven David will retire in fall 2022.


Chief Justice Loretta H. Rush, Chair
Indiana Supreme Court

Katie Glick
First District
Term expires: 12/31/22

Anthony W. Patterson, Esq.
First District
Term expires: 12/31/24

Danny Lopez
Second District
Term expires: 12/31/24

William E. Winingham, Esq.
Second District
Term expires: 12/31/22

Holly Wojcik, Esq.
Third District
Term expires: 12/31/23

Brian Bauer
Third District
Columbia City
Term expires: 12/31/23

Staff Contacts

Adrienne L. Meiring, Counsel
Office of Judicial Administration

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