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Juvenile Alternative Disposition Programs

Juvenile Alternative Dispositional Programs available throughout Indiana are featured in this publication. The intent is to encourage sharing of ideas and resources while minimizing duplication of efforts. Funding sources and levels are not listed since funding is so dependent on local resources. Please contact the local county for more information regarding funding and sample materials.

The catalog is organized by program category with each county and program listed in alphabetical order (i.e. Education, Drug/Alcohol, etc.). For each program, you will find the following:

  • County Location
  • Program Title
  • Contact Information
  • Program Description
  • Target Population
  • Collaborators (whether operated by the Probation Department or not)
  • Participant fees or referral requirements (if applicable)

Not included are programs not generally run by probation departments, such as family therapy, information networks,  assessments, parenting classes, and employment services.

Indiana Juvenile Alternative Disposition Programs