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Home Detention Report


In accordance with Indiana Code 11-13-1-4(b), the home detention report is prepared for the Judicial Conference of Indiana by probation departments and community corrections agencies throughout the state. The Judicial Conference of Indiana prepares a compilation of the statewide home detention data for the Indiana Legislature every January.

To ensure compliance with the statute, a report must be submitted by each probation department and community corrections agency in the state, even if the agency does not have a home detention program under Indiana Code 35-38-2.5. For these agencies, simply answering “No” to the question of whether the agency has a home detention program is sufficient.

The home detention report summarizes the number of persons under home detention supervision either with or without electronic monitoring. Each agency will identify the number of new supervisions received and closed during the reporting period, as well as the number of supervisions pending at the end of the reporting period. Information pertaining to the amount of home detention fees collected and the average expense per person per day for the agencies must also be submitted.

2020 Indiana Home Detention Report

How the Report Works

Each probation department and community corrections agency in the state must identify the designated user(s) for inputting the agency data into the Home Detention Reporting application. The reporting period for the annual home detention report runs from October 1 through September 30. Every October 1, the designated staff for each agency has access to the report in INcite for the new reporting year. All reports must be submitted via the Home Detention Reporting application in INcite by October 31 of each year (at specific intervals through November 30, users will be reminded via email of the requirement to submit the annual report). Once the report has been submitted for their agency that year, the notifications will cease.

Contact Information

If you have questions regarding home detention rules, please contact the county that placed you on home detention. The Indiana Office of Court Services cannot answer individual questions regarding the specific terms and conditions of home detention or probation.

If you would like more information about the home detention report, please contact the Indiana Office of Court Services at 317-232-1313.