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Strategic Planning Committee

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In June of 2008, Indiana Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard convened the Board of Directors of the Judicial Conference for a Strategic Planning Retreat. The goal was to create a strategic planning process for the Judicial Conference Board and Judiciary of the State of Indiana.  Chief Justice Shepard then asked the Judicial Conference Board to elect six members to the Strategic Planning Committee, and he appointed three additional members to the Committee. Starting in December 2008 the Committee held fifteen meetings across Indiana, which all judges were invited to attend.  The resulting 27-page document is a blueprint for excellence that details the Judiciary’s shared vision for the future. The mission of the strategic plan is to improve Indiana’s justice system by assisting with the resolution of disputes under the rule of law while protecting individual rights and liberties in a fair, impartial, equally accessible, prompt, professional, and efficient manner.


2020 Forward & Executive Summary

The Judicial Conference of Indiana’s Strategic Plan for the Next Decade. Charting an approach for greater accountability and enhanced access to justice in Indiana.

The Next Step to a New Way Forward

A follow-up to the Strategic Planning Committee's white paper, A New Way Forward. The update includes information on the plan to create a 21st century court system

A New Way Forward

A Blueprint for Excellence and Greater Accountability: Enhanced Access to Justice in Indiana's Judicial System


Hon. Cristal Clark Brisco
St. Joseph Superior Court
South Bend

Hon. Michael A. Christofeno
Elkhart Circuit Court

Hon. Jonathan Cleary
Dearborn Superior Court

Hon. Steven H. David, Liaison
Indiana Supreme Court

Hon. John T. Evans
Harrison Circuit Court

Hon. William C. Fee
Steuben Superior Court

Hon. Peter Foley
Morgan Superior Court

Hon. Frances Gull
Allen Superior Court
Fort Wayne

Hon. James B. Osborn
Marion Superior Court

Hon. Timothy P. Spahr
Miami Circuit Court

Hon. Mark Spitzer, Co-Chair
Grant Circuit Court

Hon. Richard R. Stalbrink, Jr., Co-Chair
LaPorte Superior Court #2
Michigan City

Staff Contacts

Justin Forkner, Chief Administrative Officer
Office Judicial Administration

Michelle C. Goodman, Staff Attorney
Indiana Office of Court Services

Kathryn Dolan, Public Information Officer
Office of Communication, Education, and Outreach

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