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Youth Justice Oversight Committee

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The statewide Youth Justice Oversight Committee was established by the legislature in 2022 (see HEA 1359 or Ind. Code 2-5-36-9). The Chief Justice of Indiana is responsible for appointing members (see Supreme Court order). The committee's purpose is to: (1) Develop a plan to collect and report statewide juvenile justice data. (2) Establish procedures and policies related to the use of certain screening tools and assessments. (3) Develop a statewide plan to address the provision of broader behavioral health services to children in the juvenile justice system. (4) Develop a plan for the provision of transitional services for a child who is a ward of the department of correction. (5) Develop a plan for the juvenile diversion and community alternatives grant programs.

The committee will submit to the commission and the legislative council by July 1, 2023: (1) the plan for the juvenile diversion and community alternatives grant programs; and (2) the juvenile justice data collection plan and the plan for the use of screening tools, assessments, and services.


The committee will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, June 29 at 10:00 a.m. (Eastern), Indiana State Library, Author's Room.

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Draft Vision Statement

1359 Executive Summary

Draft Electronic Communication Policy


Hon. Steven H. David, Chair
Indiana Supreme Court

Dr . Matthew Aalsma
Indiana University

Stephen Balko
Indiana Department of Education

Sirrilla Blackmon
Indiana Family and Social Services Administration
Division of Mental Health and Addiction

Hon. Marshelle Dawkins Broadwell
Marion Superior Court 16

Hon. Vicki L. Carmichael
Clark Circuit Court 4

Shannon Chambers
Johnson County Probation
and Probation Officers Advisory Board

Terrie Decker
Indiana Department of Correction

Hon. Darrin Dolehanty
Wayne Superior Court 3

Tracy Fitz
Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council

Mag. Caroline Foley
Allen Superior Court

Faith A. Graham
Tippecanoe Superior Court 3

Mary Kay Hudson
Indiana Office of Court Services

Devon McDonald
Indiana Criminal Justice Institute

Nicole Phillips
Bartholomew County Probation
and the Probation Officers Professional Association of Indiana

Terry Stigdon
Indiana Department of Child Services

Nancy Wever
Indiana Office of Court Services
Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative

Joel Wieneke
Indiana Public Defender Council

James C. Wilson
Circle Up Indy

Kia Wright
Voices Corporation

Staff Contact

Leslie Dunn
Deputy Director, IOCS Children & Families Division 

Indiana Office of Court Services
251 N. Illinois Street, Suite 800
Indianapolis, IN 46204