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eCWS System Requirements

Before ordering Scanners or Motorcycle equipment please contact the eCWS team at, (toll free) 888.275.5822, or 317.234.6262, with any questions.

Requirements for Automobile Equipment

  • Laptop Minimum Requirements:
    • 10 GB available Hard Drive space
    • 8 GB RAM
    • Windows 10 or greater
    • 2.0 GHZ Processor
    • 1 Available USB 2.0 Port for Scanner
    • Printing capability (Bluetooth or USB)
    • Must have Ethernet or wireless connectivity capability
    • Must have Internet connectivity capability
    • Minimum 1024x768 display resolution at 16 bit color
  • Laptop Recommended Specifications:
    • >10 GB available Hard Drive space
    • >2 GB RAM
    • Windows 10 or Greater
    • Dual Core Processor
    • Connectivity capabilities exceeding the minimum requirements
  • Printer
    • Any Windows compatible mobile printer that prints on 8.5" x 11" paper
  • Scanner
    • Hand-Held Products 4600r 2D Imager Scanner (discontinued)
    • Xenon 1900 2D Area-Imaging Scanner (discontinued)
    • Xenon 1950 Area-Imagining Scanner
    • L-Tron 4910LR Scanner
    • No other scanners will work with eCWS at this time

Requirements for Motorcycle Equipment

  • An update to the eCWS iPad application was released in October 2021.  Please see the attached equipment specifications if interested in purchasing equipment for the eCWS iPad application.
  • Please see the attached for iPad equipment:  iPad Equipment Guide

Requirements for Central Repository

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Firefox, Chrome
  • Must have Internet connectivity capability

Tablet Functionality

  • eCWS will run on most standard tablets running Windows 10 or greater, with a handheld scanner and standard Windows printer
  • eCWS has not been programmed to work with built-in tablet scanners
  • eCWS has not yet been optimized for tablet/touch capacitive screens

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