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The Indiana Supreme Court, through the Indiana Office of Judicial Administration, partnered with Ivy Tech Community College to develop a workplace Spanish curriculum for court employees. The curriculum is presented through 24 hours of instruction and delivered in an online self-study format. The course materials contain basic information court employees need to effectively communicate information to Spanish-speaking individuals. Along with the materials, participants receive opportunities for skill practice and audio files to assist in maintaining the skills learned in this course. Topics in the course include: greetings and introductions; dates and times; numbers; telephone reception phrases; eliciting personal information; providing directions to other offices; explaining courtroom procedures; referencing court documents; and much more.

This course is designed to provide basic means of communication and will not result in Spanish fluency.

If you are interested in the self-study online course, please review the computer specifications and set-up information (PDF) prior to registering.

Course Eligibility

Trial Courts of Record

This course is open to any employee who directly reports to a judicial officer of a trial court of record, employees of the Clerk’s office, or the Sheriff's office assigned to work with the courts (i.e. judicial officers, probation and security officers and staff, court staff, certified court alcohol and drug program staff, court clerks) in Indiana.

City and Town Courts

Judges court staff working for a city or town court are also eligible for this course.

Other Criminal Justice Entities/Personnel

Employees of non-probation based community corrections programs, attorneys, prosecutors offices, public defender's offices may participate in this course on a self-pay basis.

Registration Information

Registration is coordinated by Ivy Tech Community College. To register for the course, please contact Tyffani Johnson at 317-916-7906 or

If you are eligible under the trial courts of record or city and town courts categories, send Language Access Coordinator, Manpreet Kaur an official letter of authorization from a judicial officer or the court of record before registering with Ivy Tech. The format for the authorization letter is provided below.

If you are eligible under the self-pay category, send the Ivy Tech representative an official letter on agency letterhead noting you wish to enroll in the WorkPlace Spanish® Training for the Indiana Judicial System and that you are obligated to pay for tuition and book expenses.

Withdrawal Policy

The course has a Withdrawal Fee Policy (PDF). Please be sure you are aware of the terms and your responsibilities under this policy.

Letter of Authorization

Ivy Tech WorkPlace® Spanish Training Letter of Authorization
[Complete the Letter Electronically with Adobe PDF Format]

Staff Contact

Manpreet Kaur
Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
251 N. Illinois Street, Suite 1600
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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