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Language Identification Guides

When court and clerk staff members encounter someone with whom they are unable to effectively communicate, they can simply show the person this language identification guide. The guide contains the phrase “I speak [name of language]” in 80 different languages from around the world, plus 10 indigenous dialects from Central America.

Download the “I Speak” guide to print on 8.5”x11” paper
  • Multilingual Signage Poster (Ledger Size)
  • Multilingual Signage Poster (Letter Size)
  • These “I Speak” guides enable court staff, judges, and clerks to request interpretation services for the correct language.

    When the person has indicated which language he or she speaks, the court staff can then call Language Line in order to facilitate communications with that person. (The Indiana Supreme Court provides Language Line to every trial court in the state for situations such as these, when it is not possible to plan for live, in-person interpretation. Language Line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.)

    Indiana’s judiciary is committed to ensuring that the courtroom experiences of non-English proficient individuals are accessible and intelligible. The Court Interpreter Program Advisory Committee of the Commission on Race and Gender Fairness developed the “I Speak” language identification guides for distribution to courts and law enforcement officers throughout Indiana.

    Customize the guide for your agency or jurisdiction

    Anyone interested in obtaining a high-quality file to download and customize for their own organization should contact us. The Commission on Race and Gender Fairness Fund from the Indiana Supreme Court made possible the development, production, and distribution of our state’s “I Speak” Language Identification Guide.

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