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Mobile Home Assessments

Personal Property Mobile homes, in Randolph County, are assessed with an effective date of 1 January. Personal Property Mobiles Homes are assessed the same year taxes are due.

Tax bills, for mobile homes, are sent to the last owner of record. Any change of ownership that does not follow the transfer procedures established by the County of Randolph and the State of Indiana will be determined invalid and the Tax liability will fall upon the last recorded owner.

If you plan to sell, remove or transfer ownership of a Personal Property Mobile Home, please get in touch with the Assessor's Office at (765) 584-2427 for the correct forms and guidance to make the transfer of property an easy process for all involved***.

***As the responsibility of the transfer falls on the Owner of Record, Mobile Home sales will NOT be considered final until all of the required forms are complete.  Therefore, the last Owner of Record (Grantor/Seller) will remain responsible for all tax liability until the transaction is complete.