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Policies and Procedures Manual

Developed by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute’s Behavioral Health Division, this manual was created to improve communication, standardize processes and provide foundational and guiding materials for Local Coordinating Councils. The manual is divided into four distinct sections: About, Responsibilities, Granting, and Appendices. It should be noted that all of the information included in this manual is critical to a Local Coordinating Council's ability to function. Additionally, it ensures a baseline level of knowledge that allows the Behavioral Health Division’s Program Managers to provide you with focused technical assistance.

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To assist LCCs, ICJI's Behavioral Health Division hosted a webinar on how to fill out and complete the Comprehensive Community Plan. To download the webinar presentation, click here.

Comprehensive Community Plan + Certification Letter

The Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) is a systematic and community-driven gathering, analysis, and reporting of community-level indicators for the purpose of identifying and addressing local substance use problems. The CCP identifies problems that the LCC will address through SMART goals. Alongside the CCP, LCCs are required to submit a certification letter. The letter is an attestation that the CCP was completed as a coalition and that the LCC understands it is required to submit quarterly reports in order for the LCC to maintain active status.

The CCP, along with the Certification Letter, must be submitted via IntelliGrants by April 1.

CCP Template +  Certification Letter

CCP Tutorial

This supporting document provides general guidance on filling out the CCP.


CCP Checklist

This checklist includes the steps that LCCs need to take to properly update the CCP.


Reporting Requirements & Meeting Minutes

In addition to the CCP, the LCC coordinator is responsible for electronically submitting Quarterly Reports and an End of Year Report to ICJI via IntelliGrants. Quarterly Reports are due on the 15th of July, October, and January, and the End of Year Report is due on May 1st every year. The coalition should maintain an archive of documents sent to the state as a matter of record. In addition, Meeting Minutes should be completed for each meeting and submitted along with the Quarterly Reports.

Below are the templates for the Quarterly Reports, End of the Year Report and Meeting Meetings.

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Quarterly Report

The Quarterly Report is a summary that provides information as to programs funded and up to date funds used, accomplishments, barriers, technical assistance needs, coalition activity, and available resources. The quarterly report highlights the coalition’s efforts to meet SMART goals identified in the Comprehensive Community Plan.


End of Year Report

This is the final Quarterly Report that is due on May 1st, after the calendar is over. This report captures the work completed throughout the year and a self-evaluation on whether the LCC achieved its Comprehensive Community Plan’s SMART Goals.


Meeting Minutes

Minutes and memorandum must be kept as the meeting progresses and must contain the following: date, time and location of the meeting; members present and absent; general substance of all matters proposed, discussed or decided and a record of all votes taken. Minutes are due no later than 15 days after they have been approved.


Indiana Open Door Law

The Open Door Law, also known as Indiana Code 5-14-1.5-1, states that government agencies must hold official meetings of a majority of their governing body, such as council or board meetings, publicly. For detailed information on the Open Door Law, you can review the Handbook on Indiana’s Public Access Laws.


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