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Program Objective 
The objective of VOCA Assistance grants is to provide direct services to crime victims through programs that offer a variety of services based on specific victim needs.

Funding Source(s) 
VOCA Assistance grants are funded through fines and penalties from offenders of federal crimes.

Funding Cycle 
Grant periods are July 1 through June 30 of each calendar year. Grant applications must be submitted annually.

Eligible Applicants 
Public entities, including political subdivisions including state, county and municipal agencies. Not for profit organizations may be considered for funding by entry into agreement with public entities.

Application Procedure 
Every application must include a project description, detailed goals and objectives, a problem statement, action plan, evaluation plan, and a financial worksheet outlining the anticipated program budget. Upon review and approval by the CJI Board of Trustees, programs are awarded grant funds.

Applicants must provide a cash or in-kind (or combination) match of 20% of the total project cost.

Recipients of VOCA Assistance grant funds must provide direct services to victims of crime.

Selection Criteria 
Grant recipients are selected based on VOCA requirements and community need, with a preference for effective continuation programs. Careful consideration is given to programs serving the needs of the undeserved.

Range of Financial Assistance
Grant awards are based on the number of applications received and the amount of federal funds received in each grant year.

Award Procedure 
Following review of all grant applications, the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute staff (ICJI) will make funding recommendations to the ICJI Board of Trustees. Upon review and approval by the ICJI Board, programs are awarded grant funds.

Examples of Funded Programs

  • Providing Victim advocacy through county prosecutor offices.
  • Helping support county offices of Family and Children.
  • Helping support advocate training.

Grant Documents