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Safe Haven Schools

Funding Source

State Funding: (I.C. 5-2-10.1)
CFDA Number: N/A

Funding Cycle
Safe Haven grants are awarded every year. Also, there is a 11-month grant period between August 1 and June 30.

Eligible Applicants
Only Indiana Public School Corporations are eligible to apply.

Application Procedure
Each of Indiana's public school corporations are eligible to apply for a Safe Haven grant on a yearly basis. Schools should subscribe to be notified of grant opportunities.

Match Information
In general, matching funds would include funds that are spent on any school program that is currently in place and not being funded by Safe Haven funds, but would qualify to be funded by Safe Haven funds.

This includes any program that, at a minimum:

  • Has the school open to students of the school before and after normal operating hours, preferably from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., on days determined by the school corporation; and;
  • Operates according to a plan to do the following:
  • Reduce alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse;
  • Reduce violent behavior; and
  • Promote educational progress in the school.

Programmatic Match
A programmatic match details a program in your corporation that meets the same guidelines as the Safe Haven program, but is not/will not be funded by the Safe Haven Program. Be sure that this programmatic match costs the equivalent of or more than the amount you are requesting for your Safe Haven program. Example: Community School Corporation has an anti-drug program for its elementary schools that operates from 3:00-6:00 p.m. and is run by the YMCA of Greater Community Impact County and is entirely supported by private funds. This School Corporation would match Safe Haven funds by showing the budget of costs for their anti-drug program in the amount equivalent to the amount they are requesting from Safe Haven funds. If Community School Corporation is applying for funds that will be used for evidence-based programs, they will need to have a program within their school corporation that meets the Safe Haven guidelines but is not funded by Safe Haven. This program would have to be equal or more than what Community School Corporation is asking for.

Cash Match
Cash is simply any financial amount that the school corporation provides themselves or that is donated by another source.

In-Kind Match
In-kind match is determined by the value of goods and services received and used in the program that do not have a financial cost to the subgrantee. This type of match can be provided by the subgrantee or donated by a third party, such as a volunteer, public or private agency. For example, time donated by a counselor could be used as in-kind match. The value of these services should be calculated at the average market value of that service at the time of the service was provided.

Indiana public school corporations are the only eligible applicants.

Program Objective
The intent of the Safe Haven Education Program is to ensure that Indiana schools are safe and free from violence and drugs.

Selection Criteria
Applications will be reviewed on a competitive basis. Applicants are strongly encouraged to accurately assess their needs utilizing current local data and submitting a proposal that links those needs to the proposed strategies that best address their prioritized needs. Interested applicants may apply for a matching grant through the Safe Haven Program based on the direction of its school corporation.

Award Procedure
Grant applications are reviewed by ICJI staff. Upon review and approval by the ICJI Board of Trustees, programs are awarded grant funds and award notifications are sent.

Examples of Funded Programs

  • Evidence-Based Programs - Development and implementation of violence prevention activities and materials; education of students and parents regarding the dangers of guns and other weapons and the consequences of their use; development and implementation of curricula to prevent violence in schools.
  • Training - School personnel of demonstrated effectiveness in addressing violence; evidence-based school activities designed to promote school safety, and reduce or prevent violence and discipline problems.
  • School Resource Officers - Reimbursement of law enforcement authorities for their personnel who participate in school violence prevention/reduction activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can agencies or organizations other than school corporations apply for Safe Haven grants?
A. No. By law, only public school corporations are eligible to apply for and receive Safe Haven grants, but many school corporations partner with local agencies and organizations to provide Safe Haven programs and services. For example, a school corporation may partner with a local law enforcement agency to help offset the cost of personnel for police officers to work on-site at the high school or other school buildings.

Q. How can I find out if school corporations in my county are receiving Safe Haven funding?
A. You can contact the Safe Haven Program Coordinator at 317-232-1233 to obtain a listing of school corporations receiving Safe Haven funding during a given school year.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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