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Utilities in Ligonier

Utility Information

The City of Ligonier operates two utilities, water and wastewater. Billing for both utilities are combined on one monthly statement. Rate information is included below. For general information about these departments, please visit the Water Department page or the Wastewater Department page.

  • Download Application for Water/ Wastewater Service (Owner)
  • Download Application for Water/ Wastewater Service (Non-Owner)

For questions about your bill, please contact the Ligonier Utilities Office at (260) 894-4113.

To pay your bill online, please follow this link:


Water and Wastewater Rates

For Over 22,222.12 cubic feet
Bill Computation $3.00 per 100 cubic feet plus $159.20
Example: 50,000 cubic feet x $3.00 = $1,500.00+ $159.20= $1,659.20

For Over 13,333 cubic feet
Bill Computation $4.75 per 100 cubic feet plus $167.48

Minimum Monthly Charges

Meter SizeMin Cu. Ft.WaterSewageTotal Minimum









































Other Water Charges and Credits

Public Fire Protection Charges
Meter Size                                    Monthly Hydrant Charge

5/8"                                                      $ 3.87
3/4"                                                      $ 3.87
1"                                                         $ 9.67
1-1/2"                                                  $19.34
2"                                                         $30.95
3"                                                         $58.03
4"                                                         $96.71

Private Hydrant Rental

Private hydrants - per hydrant - per annum  $562.16

Sprinkling System Charges (per annum)

2" connection


4" connection


6" connection


8" connection


10" connection


Stormwater Charges
Type of Property                                ERU                      Monthly Charge

Residential                                           1.0                       $ 5.65
Non-Residential - Class I                  2.0                        $11.30
Non-Residential - Class II                 5.0                        $28.25
Large Industrial                                10.0                        $56.50

Summer Sprinkling Credit

Applicable to single family domestic and residential users of sewer service. Water usage for the summer months of June, July, and August shall be compared to the previous winter months of December, January, and February and the sewage billing shall be based on the lesser flow of the summer or winter months.

Non-Recurring Charges
Tap fees -5/8" -3/4" meter $1,200.00 
1" or larger meter Cost, but not less than tap fees for 5/8" - 3/4"
Reconnection Charge $30.00 
Meter Check for Accuracy $50.00

Trash Removal

Trash removal is currently contracted through Republic Services. Republic Services evaluates the residential rate annually and residents are charged accordingly. The rate for 2021 is $15.32 per month. This charge is included on your utility bill.

Each residence is limited to one 95-gallon bin of trash. The lid of the trash bin must close properly, DO NOT OVERFILL. Republic Services WILL NOT EMPTY YOUR BIN IF YOU OVERFILL! If you have more trash than the limit, you may purchase special tags to be placed on your trash bag, from the Utility Office at City Hall. Each tag is $1.00. Trash must be placed at the curb. Republic Services will not take large piles of construction material. We recommend you rent a dumpster for this type of project.

The City conducts an annual SPRING and FALL cleanup days. Residents may bring certain types of unwanted refuse to the Street Department parking lot for free disposal. These clean up days are held the third Saturday of May and September. Residents must provide proof of residency by showing a current utility bill.

Additional items can be picked up by special arrangement. A special orange tag can be purchased from the Utility Office at City Hall for the following:

Small Furniture $30.00 each
(Such as a Chair, Small TV, Mattress, Box Springs)

Large Furniture $40.00 each
(Such as a Couch, TV's are NOT accepted.)

Appliances $40.00 each
(Such as a Stove, Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher)

After purchasing the orange tag, contact Republic Services to arrange a pick up date, place the orange tag on the item to be picked, and place the item curbside in front of your residence. To contact Republic Services call (800)876-9001 or visit their website at http:www.republicservices.com


Electricity is provided by Indiana Michigan Power, a subsidiary of American Electric Power.

To contact IMP, you may call them at (800) 311-4634 or visit their website at http://www.indianamichiganpower.com

Natural Gas

Natural gas is provided by Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO)

To contact NIPSCO, you may call them at 800-464-7726 or visit their website at http://www.nipsco.com

Telephone and Internet

LOCAL Telephone and Internet services are provided by the Ligonier Telephone Company.

You may contact them at (260) 894-7200 or by visiting their website at http://www.ligtel.com

Updated: 4/13/2018

Contact Information

Address: 301 S. Cavin St. #2
Ligonier, Indiana 46767
Phone: (260) 894-4113
Fax: (260) 894-3170
Email: utilities@ligonier-in.gov