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Required Supporting Documentation

Documentation must be included to support your personal statement/appeal letter. Supporting documentation may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Prior year Indiana income tax returns (used to establish Indiana residency)
  • Hospital or doctor records; physician's statement 
           o Used to verify illness or injury which incapacitated student or immediate family member
           o Must list date(s) of medical issue(s) and include explanation of how issue(s) impact student's ability to meet the credit completion requirements or the relevant FAFSA deadline
  • Letters of confirmation from independent third-party or other qualified individual(s) 
           o Could include, but is not limited to, an academic advisor, clergy, college faculty or administrator or social worker
  • Military records such as a DD214 or DD2058
  • A funeral program or obituary record showing the relationship between the student and the deceased
  • Death certificates
  • College transcripts

Provision of one or more of these supporting documents does not guarantee appeal approval. The provided documentation must be relevant to the issue being appealed.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to privacy laws, the appeal committee is unable to contact a hospital or doctor to request verification of your illness or injury. Any supporting documentation must be provided directly by the student or provided by the doctor at the student's request.