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Engineering and Technology

E&T Teacher Recruitment Resources

The Engineering and Technology Teacher Recruitment Task Force is an Indiana effort to increase the number of students pursuing Engineering and Technology Education as a career choice.

The task force is made up of educators, teacher educators at Indiana universities.

Goals of the E&T Teacher Recruitment Task Force:

  • Recruit at least 10 ETE teaching candidates each year for each degree granting institution starting with the Fall of 2017.
  • Connect with business and industry personnel to fill open positions.
  • Promote the Engineering and Technology education brand via the #TeachTechEd marketing campaign.

The task force has collaborated to provide educators and students with the following resources for use in their classrooms:

  • Teacher Handout - Gives information about how teachers can inspire students to become future Engineering and Technology Teachers.
    • The Teacher Handout was recognized as a leading recruitment resource in the April 2017 issue of ITEEA’s Technology and Engineering Teacher Journal. Download the journal here.
  • Student Handout - Gives information about Engineering and Technology Education as both a college major and career choice with information about Indiana Universities.
  • #TeachTechEd Marketing Campaign - Use the hashtag to promote the unique ways you are celebrating Engineering and Technology education in your school and community.
    • Follow @IndianaETE on Facebook Facebook Link to see what other educators are doing.

Both handouts are available for you to print and copy at your own convenience. Share in your classroom, at career fairs, and whenever you see the unique opportunity for a student to become an Engineering and Technology Educator.

Engineering and Technology Teacher Recruitment Lesson Plan

The task force has collaborated to create a sample lesson plan for all ETE teachers to use in their classrooms. This lesson plan is meant to give you resources for encouraging students in your classes to become engineering and technology teachers. It fits well into any careers unit. All documents can be edited to fit the variety of classes that ETE teachers teach and should be customized to meet local needs. All resources are included.

Stay tuned for additional resources as the task force continues to collaborate.
To join the task force, please email Stefany Deckard at