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Indiana e-Transcript is a free service provided to Indiana students and families by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education and the Indiana Department of Education. You can access Indiana e-Transcript 24 hours day, seven days a week. It's safe and secure.

Indiana e-Transcript is FREE and you can send electronic transcripts to ANY destination worldwide.


Sign Up

  1. Find and click on the Indiana e-Transcript link on your high school's website - see above
  2. Create your e-Transcript Account by going to the "High School Students register here with Parchment"
  3. Provide identifying information so your school can locate your transcript.


  1. Select the colleges you're applying to.
  2. Confirm your selections and request Counselor Report (eSSR) if needed.
  3. Read and accept the user agreement.

Sign Off

  1. Review your request.
  2. Check you email to receive confirmation that your transcripts have been delivered.
  3. Relax. You're done.
  4. Log on to track the sending and receiving of transcripts and to request future transcripts for colleges in which you apply.

For more information about the Indiana e-Transcript Initiative, contact the Transfer Indiana Central Office at tglambert@bsu.edu or 765-285-5810.

Benefits of e-Transcript

Benefits for Students

  • Relieves student and parental anxiety by providing notification of when each transcript is sent and received.
  • Provides more precise information about where students are in the admissions process.
  • Results in quicker admissions decisions.
  • Allows students to order transcripts at their convenience, 24/7 online.

Benefits for Colleges and Universities

  • Allows us to handle our transcripts in a much more efficient and timely manner
  • Provides a legible and consistent copy to be read by and shared with admissions counselors, academic advisors, scholarship committees, etc.
  • Eases the review process by providing a standard appearance to the transcript
  • Allows us to immediately inform students when we have received their transcripts
  • Allows us to track the status of any transcript, receive various online reports, and easily request mid-year and final transcripts.

Benefits for High Schools

  • Reduces time, effort, and expenses in handling transcript requests.
  • Lets colleges be proactive in indicating which transcripts need to be sent.
  • Enables complete tracking of each transcript from request to delivery.
  • Provides real-time, online status reports of where each student has requested transcripts to be sent. 

History of Indiana e-Transcript

The Indiana e-Transcript Initiative was developed in 2005 as a partnership between the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (ICHE) and the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE). Indiana was the first state in the Midwest to adopt e-Transcript and now at least six other states have followed their lead. HEA 1341, passed by the 2013 Indiana General Assembly, establishes the e-Transcript Initiative by statute and calls for a common high school transcript to be developed by the IDOE in collaboration with ICHE. ICHE contracts with Parchment, Inc., which will deliver an electronic transcript exchange system service throughout the state. The service is made possible by an appropriation from the General Assembly.


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