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Commission members serve on sub-Committees of the Commission. Commission members are appointed to sub-Committees by the Commission Chair, but the Faculty representative serves on the Academic Affairs and Quality Committee and the student representative serves on the Student Success and Completion Committee. The Commission's Sub-Committee meetings are scheduled in advance and open to the public.

The Academic Affairs & Quality Committee is charged to ensure that the Commission carries out its statutory responsibilities related to matters of an academic nature and the quality of the student experience.

Meeting Schedule

  • Beverley Pitts (Chair)
  • Dennis Bland
  • Kathy Parkison
  • Dan Peterson
  • Ken Sauer (Staff)

The Budget & Productivity Committee is charged with the development, implementation, and oversight of the Commission's fiscal policies focused on increasing postsecondary efficiency and productivity.

Meeting Schedule

  • Jon Costas (Chair)
  • Al Hubbard
  • Chris LaMothe
  • Chris Murphy
  • John Popp
  • Alecia Nafziger (Staff)

The Student Success & Completion Committee will develop policy and practice initiatives to aid Hoosier postsecondary students in graduating from college on-time and without excessive debt.

Meeting Schedule

  • Kathy Parkison (Chair)
  • Mike Alley
  • Jud Fisher
  • Coleen Gabhart
  • Alfonso Vidal
  • Stephanie Wilson (Staff)

The Executive Committee may be called to assist the Commission in performing the duties of the Commission. The Executive Committee is not held in regular session and the Chair of the Commission may call a special meeting at any time.


The Indiana Board for Proprietary Education (BPE) is charged with authorizing all accredited Indiana proprietary institutions that grant degrees, as well as all accredited proprietary degree-granting, out-of-state institutions that offer instruction in Indiana. BPE operates under the authority of Indiana Code 21- 18.5. It is governed by a seven member Board. The Board meets quarterly to review staff recommendations, grant accreditation, and hold formal hearings. Visit in.gov/bpe for more information.

The Graduate Medical Education Board was created in 2015 to expand medical education in Indiana by funding new residency program slots at licensed hospitals and qualifying non-profit organizations. The board may grant funds to support residents who are not federally funded, provide technical assistance to organizations that wish to establish residency programs, cover infrastructure costs for residency program expansion, and provide startup funding for residency programs. The board meets regularly to review grant proposals.

Meeting Schedule

  • Tim Putnam, DHA, MBA - President/CEO, Margaret Mary Health, Batesville, IN (Board Chair)
  • Steven Becker, MD – Director and Associate Dean, Indiana University School of Medicine, Evansville
  • Paul Haut, MD – Chief Operating Officer, Riley Hospital for Children
  • Tricia Hern, MD –Vice President for Academic Affairs, Community Health Network
  • Peter M. Nalin, MD, FAAFP – Associate Dean and Interim Director, Bloomington Regional Medical Campus, Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Jeffrey Rothenberg, MD – Interim Chief Medical Officer, St. Vincent Hospital
  • Donald Sefcik, DO – Dean, College of Osteopathic Medicine and Vice-President of Health Professions, Marian College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Rachel Shockley, DO – Program Director, Community Health Network Family Medicine Residency South
  • Thomas Sonderman, MD – Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Columbus Regional Health
  • Beth Wrobel – Chief Executive Officer, HealthLinc

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