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Academic Program Inventory (API) Change Request

Out-of-state and in-state Board authorized institutions with a physical presence in the state may complete the Academic Program Inventory Change Request Form to request approval for the following actions:

  • Adding a diploma/certificate program
  • Splitting a diploma/certificate program
  • Merging two diploma/certificate programs
  • Adding or eliminating a distance education diploma/certificate program
  • Changing the name of a diploma/certificate program
  • Adding locations to a diploma/certificate program
  • Eliminating, suspending, or reinstating a diploma/certificate program
  • Changing the number of credit hours


Submit completed request forms to API@che.in.gov.  Direct questions pertaining to this form to 317.232.1033 or 317.232.1054.

Academic Program Inventory Change Request Form link

Updated: 2/22/2017

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