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Exotic Bird Entry Requirements

The following is a summary of Indiana's animal health laws governing the transportation of exotic/pet birds into Indiana. Indiana's exotic/pet bird identification and movement laws may be found in 345 IAC 1-3-4. For additional information, contact the Indiana State Board of Animal Health at (317) 544-2400 or toll free at (877)747-3038, or click here to submit an e-mail inquiry.

Certificate of Veterinary Inspection 

  • Must contain a physical description, such as breed, sex, age, and color that sufficiently identifies the individual animal.

  • Must be completed by a licensed and accredited veterinarian within the thirty (30) days immediately prior to the animal entering Indiana.

Separate requirements exist for domesticated birds classified as poultry.

"Poultry" means domesticated fowl, including the following:
(A) Chickens.
(B) Turkeys.
(C) Ostriches.
(D) Emus.
(E) Rheas.
(F) Cassowaries.
(G) Waterfowl.-"Waterfowl" means domesticated fowl that normally swim, such as ducks and geese.
(H) Game birds.-"Game birds" means domesticated fowl such as pheasants, partridge, quail, grouse, and guineas.
The term does not include doves and pigeons.

Entry health requirements for poultry may be viewed at:

Pre-entry permit

Not required


Not required


If the animal is to be entered in an exhibition in Indiana, see also the Indiana Exhibition Requirements.